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    For the more and more 2G/3G application demands, the new wireless 2G/3G library with SMS and GPRS functions can help user to implement these functions on the G-4500 series, μPAC-5000 series and iP-8000 easily. Compared with the traditional 2G/3G applications by using AT commands, the users don't need to worry about those annoying commands to achieve the 2G/3G functions with this new library. Users can quickly build the Wireless 2G/3G program in these ICP DAS 2G/3G platforms with the library. Furthermore, these 2G/3G programs can be easily adopted as well in various ICP DAS wireless 2G/3G MiniOS7 based platforms by adjusting few parameters only. In general, this new released wireless 2G/3G library is a powerful tool in these wireless platforms.

    • Supports TCP Client, UDP Client and SMS functions
    • Free easy-to-use API software
    • GPRS disconnected self-detect and re-connection
    • Supports NITZ technology (*)
    • High reliability software
    • Supports MiniOS7 Based PACs.
    • Supports iP-8000、μPAC-5000 series、G-4500 series (Quad-band 2G GSM/GPRS) and G-4500-3GWA series (Tri-band 3G WCDMA)

      (*): NITZ technology: The base station provides date and time and The GSM library uses date and time that the base station provided to adjust date and time of PAC of MiniOS7 Based. But the user’s carrier must also provide NITZ technology.
    μPAC-5201 Series
    μPAC-5301 Series
    iP-8000 (*)

    (*): iP-8000 must be with GTM-201-RS232, GTM-201-3GWA, I-8212W or I-8213W product.

    Remote Control/Monitor System

    Car Monitor System
    GIS system
    Redundant Communication System