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    NAPOPC.M2M DA Server

    ICP DAS NAPOPC.M2M DA Server is an OPC software package operated as an OPC driver of a HMI or SCADA system. It provides seamless connection with GPRS RTU products (G-4500 RTU, GT-540…) from ICP DAS to SCADA system (InduSoft, Wonderware, iFix, Citec, LabView and etc) following OPC 2.0 Data Access Standards. By using NAPOPC.M2M DA server and ICP DAS RTU products not only monitors the data but sends them out in real time to the control center through GPRS or Ethernet Network. Also, by combining a GPS (optional) with G-4500 RTU, it suddenly becomes a tracking system which you can often find out in the car system, marine system, etc.


    M2M RTU Center is the M2M (Machine to Machine) management software of ICP DAS that has a strong core technology for handling data and lets the user save the trouble of dealing with large IO data. NAPOPC M2M server would get/set these RTU devices through M2M RTU Center. The architecture is as following.
    For more about M2M RTU Center, visit here: http://m2m.icpdas.com/product.html


    NAPOPC.M2M DA Server is an out-of-process OPC Server which provides an Explorer-style user interface. The left side region of IDE is the tree type structure showing equipments in the Device/Group/Tag tree structure; the right side region is the attribute description for each Group and Tag, all the attributes even those hidden in the setting up dialog box can be displayed in the table, clearly and conveniently. The up side region is a tool icon bar for the functions that been often used, user can see the graph to know the function of that icon and directly select the needed.


    NAPOPC.M2M DA Server supports searching RTU devices automatically, which are connecting to M2M RTU Center. That can help users to establish the OPC system unmistakably.


    Through NAPOPC.M2M DA server, using “Monitor” function can do the real-time monitoring/controlling for RTU devices.

    Remote Control/Monitor System

    Car Monitor System
    GIS system
    Redundant Communication System
    Management Firmware that supports G-4500 Series
    Intelligent GPRS Remote Terminal Unit