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    WLS-T02 is a 2.4GHz wireless transmitter (called Tag) by battery supported, it can broadcast automatically 2.4GHz wireless location packages to WLS-R01. WLS-T02’s wireless frequency use ISM 2.4GHz global common frequency band total have 16 channels, the range of 16 channels are 2.405GHz to 2.48GHz, it can separated into 5MHz segments, and WLS-T01 supports 16 sectors of RF power setting. The user can use the button to adjust the above settings.
    In addition, WLS-T02 supports a buzzer, low battery power indicator, and built in Node ID, 3dBi directional PCB antenna and other user-friendly design can effectively reducing the size for the user to hook it on an equipment, and users can remote enabling the buzz function to find the equipment quickly.

    The wireless transmission range (line of sight, LOS) of WLS-T02 is 100 meters, and WLS-T02 uses low power consumption design architecture, when the user installs a CR-123A battery (3.0 VDC) and the wireless transmission interval is 3 seconds, operating temperature in +20℃ to +60℃, the use of time can be up to 1 years, if battery will low power, the user can change the new battery by himself, so WLS-T02 very suitable for use in item tracking, personnel movements in hazardous areas, factory regional management and other applications.


    • Supports 16 segments setting of RF channels
    • Supports 16 segments setting of RF power
    • Built in a buzzer and supports remote enabling buzz function
    • Built in battery low power LED indicator
    • Built in 2.4GHz 3dBi PCB directional antenna
    • ISM 2.4GHz operating frequency
    • Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) RF technology
    • Wireless transmission range up to 100 m (Line of Sight)
    • Low power consumption design(1 pcs CR123A battery, when operating temperature from +20° C~+60° C, it can be used 1 years)
    OQPSK (Offset Quadrature Phase-shift Keying)
    Spread Spectrum DSSS (Direct-Sequence Spread Spectrum)
    RF Channels
    Transmission Power
    16±1dBm (Default) / 17dBm (Max.)
    Wireless frequency
    2.4GHz-3dBi PCB Directional Antenna
    Transmission Range (Line of Sight,LOS)
    100 m (Typical)
    Key configuration
    Key of disable buzz x 2, buzzer x 1
    Buzzer volume
    LED Indicators
    Pressing the button
    1 LED, Green
    Help / Low battery power
    1 LED, Red
    EMS Protection
    ±4 kV Contact for Screw
    EFT (IEC 61000-4-4)
    ±4 kV for Power
    Required Supply Voltage
    +2.6 VDC ~ +3.6 VDC
    Battery Input
    1 x CR123A (3.0 VDC)
    Power Consumption

    Buzzer no buzz: 267uW@3VDC / 2.13mAh@1 Day (3 second Tx interval)
    Buzzer buzz: 90mW@3VDC / 30mAh@1 hour (3 second Tx interval, and 1 second buzz interval)

    Dimensions (L x W x H, mm)
    70mm x 43mm x 21mm
    Operating Temperature
    -25 ~ +70°C (No battery included)
    -25 ~ +60°C (Battery included)
    Storage Temperature
    -30 ~ +80°C (No battery included)
    -20 ~ +45°C (Battery included)
    Relative Humidity
    45 ~ 85% RH(Non-condensing, No battery included)
    20 ~ 65% RH(Non-condensing, Battery included)
    WLS-T02 CR Battery Standard Type Wireless Locating System Transmitter with the Buzzer (RoHs)
    Important Note: The transmitter of wireless locating system be used together with the receiver and the converter, please refer to WLS-R01 and RFU-400.
    Note: Asia Only.
    General Type Wireless Locating System Receiver (RoHs) 
    Battery Standard Type Wireless Locating System Transmitter with Help Button (RoHs)
    Wireless Location System Configurator (RoHS)
    RS-232 / RS-485 to 429 MHz Radio Modem (RoHS)
    Lithium batteries (CR123A)
    Voltage 3.0V, Capacity 1700mAh (Disposable non-rechargeable lithium battery)