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    M2M RTU Center

    The M2M RTU Center provided by ICP DAS is a M2M (Machine to Machine) management software that has a strong core technology for handling data and lets the user save the trouble of dealing with large IO data. The RTU Center supports the G-4500 RTU, GT-540 and other RTU products in ICP DAS that allow users to manage these RTU devices remotely. It can monitor the local IO data, local GPS data and IO data of Modbus RTU modules. With M2M RTU Center software, users can establish the remote system by the OPC Client of user’s SCADA software with our NAPOPC DA Server or EZ Data logger software of ICP DAS. That provides a easy way to complete user’s project.

    • Up to 10 RTU devices can be managed in one RTU Center software for Free version.
    • Up to 1024 M2M RTU devices can be managed in one RTU Center software in License version
    • Help users to access Modbus devices over 3G/GPRS/Ethernet
    • Easy and quick to build a Remote monitor system
    • Windows-based software
    • Provide M2M RTU API for Windows developer
    • Provide OPC Server for SCADA solution. (NAPOPC.M2M Server)
    • Support EzDatalog of ICP DAS

    When users want to use the following software or others to their system with RTU products of ICP DAS, M2M RTU Center must be executed at the same time.

    Management Firmware that supports G-4500 Series
    Intelligent GPRS Remote Terminal Unit
    Order Number
    M2M RTU Center
    Unlimited License Hard Key for RTU Center software (1024 RTU Device)